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29 March 2012

WinKleaner Professional version 2.3 was released.

07 February 2012

WinKleaner Professional version 2.2 was released.

17 January 2012

WinKleaner Professional version 2.1 was released.

10 January 2012

WinKleaner Classic version 2.1 was released.

3 January 2012

RAM Saver Professional version 12.1 was released.

22 December 2011

WinKleaner Professional version 1.7 was released.

10 December 2011

RAM Saver Professional version 11.11 was released.

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RAM Saver Professional
is an easy-to-use RAM optimizer tool. RAM optimizer makes more memory available to your applications. It defragments system memory, increasing the efficiency of your CPU and caches. It also recovers memory leaks from corrupted applications, and it temporarily flushes unused libraries to disk.

OS: MS Windows 7/VISTA/2k/2k3/2k8
Download size: 1.2MB

WinKleaner Official Site

WinKleaner Screen ShotEven if you don't install dozens of programs every day, even a freshly installed OS will inevitably become clogged with unnecessary files, registry entries, resident programs and other things you and your operating system don't really need. You may also be unaware that your MS Windows installation has a lot of parameters that can be tweaked to boost performance and make your system work smoother. So if you care about the speed of your PC and would like to postpone OS reinstallation to as distant a future as possible, you should better find a tool that will do all this and will always keep your system in good shape. If you still haven't found such a tool, go for WinKleaner - it can do all of that and a whole lot more!

WinKleaner is an all-in-one MS Windows system optimization tool that takes care of every aspect of your computer's operation - from optimizing the registry and removing unnecessary programs to tweaking your network connections to boosting RAM speed. It's a compact tool with an intuitive interface that gives you full control over the startup process, memory monitoring and a huge array of system settings controlling the work of your computer. The current version of the software offers the following tools: Clean Uninstaller, Scan Files, Scan Shortcuts, Scan Registry, Startup Manager, Tweak PC, Net Tweaker, Your Privacy, Invisible Man, File Shredder, IE Favorites, File Duplicates and Busy Files. Some features are quite unique - such as Invisible Man, where the system saves the traces of your work in a "control point", which can be deleted afterwards restoring the original state of the system.

Minimum system requirements:

  • OS MS Windows 2000/2003/2008/XP/VISTA/7 x86 x64
  • Minimum screen resolution 1024x768
  • 32 MB free disk space
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Size 2 MB

Please send your comments and defect reports to We also welcome your suggestions regarding improving the quality and ease of use of our software. Thank you for your support!